In the early days of 2019, British sculptor Paul Oz created a bronze statue of sports idol Ayrton Senna. The sculpture weighs 160 kg and portrays the Brazilian driver at the Spa Francorchamps circuit, in Belgium, coming out of Eau Rouge and entering Radillion, both traditional corners in F1.

In the statue, Senna is wearing the famous racing suit he won the 1991 title with, as a McLaren driver. Formula One fans celebrated the work of art on social media, and it was displayed at the Autosport International Show, which took place last weekend, in Birmingham, England.

In his website, the artist states that new editions will be launched throughout the year. “We’ll be creating an official edition approved by the Ayrton Senna Institute comprising three life-size pieces to honor his world titles, 41 “wind tunnel size” statues in honor of his wins in F1 – each one will be named after a specific win – and also 106 ones in white acrylic, measuring 30 cm, alluding to the number of races he took part in”, says Oz.

“I’m donating two of the bronze pieces to the Ayrton Senna Institute so they can be auctioned, and a percentage of the other sales will also benefit children all over Brazil, thanks to the charity founded by Ayrton’s family in 1994”, he concludes.